Tips For Landscaping Your Property

If you’ve never considered landscaping your property, you should know a few things. Landscapers may be meticulous about their work, but you’ll still have to be realistic with your plans. First, you must consider your climate.

Certain plants require specific climate conditions to grow successfully. Also, strict zoning laws may prohibit certain structures. If you can’t find the right plants or build the correct structures, then you may need to choose another landscaping option such as hiring a professional like Scott Anderson Design.

Landscape lighting

Adding a lighting feature to your landscape will increase its beauty and security. Adding landscape lighting can highlight architectural features of your home or draw attention to prized plants. Here are some tips for selecting landscape lighting.

Choose your lighting fixtures carefully. They should be spaced about 10 feet apart. Using LED light bulbs will increase the life of your outdoor lighting fixtures and will not get damaged as easily. Lighting fixtures should match the color of the rest of your landscape.

When planning a landscape lighting project, remember to consider several types of lights and fixtures. Different outdoor lighting fixtures have a specific use for different features.

Spotlights, underground well lights, wide-angled floodlights, and pathway lighting are all great options for illuminating your home at night. Be sure to consider the light’s power source and bulb type before selecting outdoor lighting fixtures. Listed below are a few tips for choosing the best type of lights for your home.


A pond can add interest to your landscape design without taking up much space. Many above ground ponds blend in with the surrounding landscape. The design of this pond mimics the housing, creating a harmonious overall appearance.

As with most ponds, these must be situated in an area with sufficient space. Adding a waterfall or a fountain can further enhance the look. Ponds can be fashioned into different shapes and sizes, depending on your preferences and budget.

Large ponds can be relatively simple to landscape around, involving selection of shrubs and trees. However, if you want to add a pond to a small garden, you may want to consider rearranging the topography and installing substantial planting.

Remember that the pond should fit into the overall landscape, not just its location. You should also choose plants and fish that filter the water to keep it clear. Ponds are often overlooked as unnecessary landscape elements.

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