Scott Anderson Design

Scott Anderson Design

Service Pricing

Front Yard Complete Landscaping 1

With our complete landscaping 1, we will come in and give your flowerbeds an overhaul to your liking and finish the job off with mulch of you choice to complete the job.


Front Yard Complete Landscape 2

We will come in, create new flowerbeds for you from scratch, including the plantings of your choice. We will finish these flowerbeds off with mulch. We will also include landscape lighting to accent a few of the plants.


Front Yard Deluxe Construction

Our front deluxe construction is the ideal make over project for any home owner. We will come in and recreate your front yard from scratch, replacing the grass with sod, creating planting beds with your choice, as well as a full set of landscape lighting to give your house that glow that it deserves.


Rear Yard Basic Construction

Our rear yard basic construction is the perfect way to give your existing spot the extra pop that it needs to make it a more enjoyable place to spend your summer afternoons and evenings


Rear Yard Basic Landscaping

Our basic rear yard landscaping will give your back yard that lift it needs to shine by adding planting beds with plantings of your choice and finishing them off with mulch to give it that completed look.


Rear Yard Complete Construction

Our rear yard construction is ideal for the new home owner, or for someone who wants to give their yard a new start. We will come in, remove your existing grass, grade and level the soil and sod. From there we add planting beds with plantings of your choice as well as landscape lighting to accent your new beautiful yard.


Simple Privacy Planting

Privacy planting is the perfect way to give you that seclusion at home, making you feel more comfortable and safe when enjoying a day in the yard.



Let us take your beautiful landscaping to the next level with our simple front yard lighting. Landscape lighting it the perfect way to accent your property and make it shine above the rest!


Stepping Stone Pathway

A stepping stone pathway is the perfect way to connect parts of your yard which may feel lost as stand alone features. We offer a variety of different stones that can be used to transform your walkway.


Complete Construction

This is ideal for the new home owner, or someone who is tired of their yard and are looking to have a breath of fresh air blown into it. Let us redesign your yard from the ground up!


Complete Lighting

Finally have your yard looking just the way you imagined but feel that there’s something missing? Our landscape lighting will accent your property, making the key features you love most pop at night.


Deluxe Front Yard

Our Deluxe Front Yard services will give the face of your house that WOW-factor its been needing. Starting from the ground up, we will redesign your front yard, adding plants, sod, and even landscape lighting.


Deluxe Masonry

Our deluxe masonry services are the perfect way to finish off any backyard. We use only the finest quality materials to create a stonework masterpiece that will make your yard the rave of the town


Front Yard Basic Landscape

With our basic front yard landscaping, we will come in with a new design for you, including new plantings and buses, and create a front yard that will impress all your neighbors.


Front Yard Basic Landscaping 2

With our front yard landscaping option two, you will still get all of the features offered with the first, but with more plantings and bushes, great for those larger size yards that may need a little more coverage then offered by the first.


Basic Masonry

Not a lot of yard but still want to make the most out of it? With our basic masonry services, we will create and build the perfect stonework project to suit your needs.


BBQ Island

Who doesn’t love to host a BBQ. You will love it even more once you have a custom built BBQ island installed by Scott Anderson Design.


BBQ Island 2

With our BBQ Island 2, You get all the features offered with our BBQ Island design, but with a larger area to host, as well as the options to add a built in grill, refrigerator, and outdoor plumbing and sink.


Rear Yard Complete Masonry

We have a lot to off in the way of rear yard masonry options, whether it be patio areas, pool areas, stone walls, we can design what you dream when it comes into the way of stonework.


Rear Yard Privacy Custom

Tight properties with nosy neighbors down to wanted to feel secluded in your own personal paradise of your backyard, we can offer you that natural privacy with plantings that will give your that comfort of enjoying your time outside.


Seatwall And Firepit

A fire pit is the perfect way to enjoy your backyard in the summer and fall months. We can build you a little piece of that serenity with a seating area to allow you and your friends to enjoy some smores.


Simple Front Lighting

Let us take your beautiful landscaping to the next level with our simple front yard lighting. Landscape lighting it the perfect way to accent your property and make it shine above the rest!


Simple Patio and Stairs

A patio area with stairs is the ideal setting for hosting a party for friends and family. Have the ease of accessing your house just a few steps away from your patio makes for an experience that you will never miss a moment of.