Our Pond Maintenance Plans

We understand the New York climate and our years of experience and training, we know how to keep your koi pond, pondless waterfall, and outdoor fountains clear and clear.

Enjoy a worry-free water feature. The team at Scott Anderson Design are ready to make sure your water features remain as clean and beautiful as the day they we installed. We treat your ponds with the same love and care that we treat our own.

A worry-free, care-free, and stress-free pond is the dream of every water feature owner. At Scott Anderson Design, we understand the commitment, time and energy it takes to maintain a gorgeous and healthy water feature. We want to take that burden away and give you a guaranteed fresh, clean, and relaxing pond, waterfall, or fountain.

Working with a Certified Pond Contractor

Every water feature is unique and needs to be maintained in a way that best supports the complete ecosystem. Your water feature should only be maintained by a certified professional. This ensures the longterm health of your pond fish, water, and pond plants.

Our maintenance package offers the following services for all ponds, shapes and sizes and can be booked on a bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed basis.