Scott Anderson Landscape Design

Scott Anderson is a Landscape Designer / Landscape Company / Landscape Firm / Landscape Contractor based in Long Island, New York.

While earning his Bachelor of Architecture degree at the New York Institute of Technology, Scott met and later worked for Michel & Assoc., one of Long Island’s foremost Landscape Construction firms. He spent over 6 years working there as a Landscape Designer / Project Manager / Landscape Contractor until leaving in 2003 to establish Scott Anderson Design, Inc.

Since starting the new company, Scott has taken on small & large jobs including both residential & commercial work.

Scott’s background in architecture as well as landscape design gives him a unique advantage when looking at both sides of a project.

After sitting down with you to discuss ideas for your project, Scott will create multiple designs for you to choose from. Then he will prepare a set of production drawings you can use for bidding the job, and getting quotes from different Landscape contractors.

From there he can oversee and manage the job on your behalf, working for you from start to finish until you are sitting in your own private paradise.

They can work with any budget to develop your project. At your request we can even recommend or select contractors, and oversee the job on your behalf.

He has represented homeowners and contractors in front of numerous town & village boards for jobs requiring approvals.