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Backyard Designer In Hillside Manor

Create Your Home Paradise with Professional Backyard Landscaping in Hillside Manor, NY

Do you know that feeling you get when you go on vacation? After traveling in however many forms of transportation you get to your destination, you walk in and suddenly you are transformed into a whole new world. You take a seat in the lobby and think, “Yes, this is nice!” Your whole mindset changes in that instance, in that environment.

You can have that feeling in your own backyard with careful thought and planning of your backyard landscaping. Scott Anderson Design, a local backyard designer has been providing Nassau County with beautiful backyard landscaping for over 20 years.

Among the services provided are:

  • English Gardens
  • Simple Privacy Planting
  • Stepping Stone Pathways
  • Rear Yard Complete Construction
  • Rear Yard Basic Construction
  • Rear Yard Basic Landscaping
  • Complete Lighting
  • Deluxe Masonry
  • Basic Masonry
  • BBQ Islands
  • Seatwall & Fire Pit
  • Simple Patio & Stairs

Scott can help you turn your Hillside Manor backyard landscaping project into your dream backyard within any budget.

The Difference Professional Backyard Landscaping Makes in Hillside Manor, NY

How your backyard is landscaped can make the difference between a boring drab backyard that always feels cluttered and relaxing in a personal paradise. Random plantings could lead to a patchwork of various styles and textures that never quite come together. A backyard designer has the experience and knowledge to carefully take into account line, form, color, and texture. Key elements of backyard landscape design. This is why resorts feel and look the way they do. 

How the Process Works

Your backyard designer will sit down with you and carefully discuss your project and budget determining what your focal point should be. The focal point of your backyard landscaping could be a pool, tree or a gazebo. The element should be sized accordingly and attractive enough to anchor the rest of the landscaping. An experienced backyard designer in Nassau County and has the expertise to recommend and help you choose the best plan for you. They will create multiple designs for you to choose from. Your backyard designer will be able to guide you once again in proper placements for structures and plants alike taking into consideration the changes of sun and shade times and areas throughout the day.

Making a Landscape Plan

Once you determine the design you like you will get a set of production drawings to use for bidding the job. Your backyard designer should be able to work within any budget to develop your project and at your request can recommend or select contractors for your project. Your professional designer will be able to keep you from getting overwhelmed with the details so you can enjoy the process.

Bringing it all Together

Your backyard Designer will know exactly what steps need to take place and when overseeing your project to make sure all goes according to the project plan. Ideally, you want to find a backyard designer who can represent a homeowner or contractor in front of Nassau County village and town boards for jobs requiring permits. This is an area easy to overlook if you are attempting a DIY project. Your backyard landscape designer has the experience and knowledge with local legislations to know what appropriate permits need to be obtained for your project. This takes a lot of guesswork frustration out of the mix for you. Finding a designer who can manage the job through the entire process for you makes it run smoother.

There are many benefits to professional backyard landscaping in Nassau County and your backyard landscaping will add many years of beauty and value to your home. Having a professional backyard designer like Scott Anderson Design ensures your ease and comfort during the process of creating a backyard paradise that you could only dream of before. If you are ready to make the dream of your own backyard paradise a reality, visit us at or call us today 516-729-5668 and let’s bring your vision to life!