Koi Ponds

Your yard can be your personal Zen garden with a Water Feature.

With over 10 years in the pond industry, Scott Anderson Design has definitely left their mark with their own take on the traditional koi pond and making it something of their own that stands out far from the rest. The wide variety Scott Anderson Design has to offer,  makes your pond design truly unique.

We work with you first hand to leave you with your dream pond! To make the process easier we offer 3 base pond sizes that you will build upon.

Scott Anderson Design has enough options to make your backyard pond something truly unique for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Talk with us about your Backyard Project.

Certified Aquascape Contractor

Certified Aquascape Contractors are the most qualified and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry. All CACs are required to attend continual training and education seminars and maintain a proven record of outstanding work and dedicated customer service and support.