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Landscape Design In Salisbury

Top Reasons Why Backyard Design is Important for Your Nassau County Home

For nearly two decades, Scott Anderson Design has been enhancing the beauty and improving the function of commercial and residential properties throughout Nassau County with top-quality landscape design services. Whether you’re looking to remodel your pool surround, install an outdoor kitchen, or you want to completely overhaul your backyard, when you choose Scott Anderson Design as your Salisbury, NY landscape designer, you can have confidence knowing that you’ll receive the highest quality craftsmanship and long-lasting results that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Nassau County offers the ideal setting for outdoor living; however, if your current backyard is rundown, overgrown and just doesn’t function for your needs, you probably aren’t enjoying the outdoors as much as you should be. How can you improve your yard and turn it into an outdoor oasis that you’ll love spending time in? By hiring a professional landscaper to renovate your backyard!

Here’s a look at some of the top reasons why backyard design has become one of the biggest trends among Salisbury, NY homeowners and why you should consider investing in it, too!

To Create More Living Space

You don’t need to add more walls to create more living space for your Nassau County home; instead, invest in backyard design. There are so many features that you can incorporate into your backyard to make it a functional, livable space that you and your loved ones can really enjoy. An outdoor kitchen complete with an eating area is the perfect place to dine al fresco. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit creates the perfect spot to relax and destress after a long day. A gazebo or pergola surrounded by a lush garden and a waterfall will serve as a tranquil retreat.

With elements like these in your backyard, you’ll have more room to stretch out and really enjoy the entirety of your Salisbury, NY property.

To Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Feeling stressed out, run-down and short on patience? If so, look to the Great Outdoors to cure what ails you! Research shows that spending time outside can invoke happens, relieve stress and even boost your energy levels. Some studies have even found that spending more time surrounded by nature can enhance cognitive functioning, reduce inflammation and can strengthen your immune system, too. Those are some pretty incredible benefits and by investing in backyard design, it’s likely that you’ll be able to reap these benefits because you’ll be more inclined to spend your free time outside instead of cooped up inside.

To Enjoy More Entertainment

Turn off the TV, the computer and the gaming systems and head outside, where the real entertainment lies! Swimming, playing Frisbee, catch, or tag, roasting marshmallows around a fire pit, hosting outdoor dinner parties, sitting and chatting with loved ones around a cozy outdoor fireplace, kicking back with a good book, or looking up the night sky; the entertainment options outdoors are endless. Not only will you find ample ways to enjoy your time outside in Salisbury, but you’ll also find that your experiences will be a lot more enjoyable and memorable than sitting around the electronics inside.

To Increase the Value of Your Home

Great outdoor living spaces are one of the top features that prospective homebuyers seek in Salisbury, NY. If you’re planning on putting your house up on the market any time in the future, professional landscape design will drastically increase the property value of your Nassau County home. Not only will you be able to ask for a higher price, but you might sell your property faster, too. House hunters are willing to pay top dollar for homes that feature well-appointed backyards complete with lush landscaping and beautifully designed masonry features. Outdoor living is a trend that is here to stay, so whether you’re planning on selling in the near future or several years down the road, you’ll definitely see a big jump in the value of your property when you invest in professional landscape design.

Scott Anderson Landscape Design: a Master of Backyard Design

If you want to take advantage of the above-mentioned benefits, it’s time to consider investing in professional backyard design from a leading Nassau County landscaping expert. Whether you’re situated on the rocky cliffs of the North Shore, you’re located on the South Shore’s sandy coast – or anywhere in between – no matter the shape or the size of your backyard, the team at Scott Anderson Design will completely renovate your space and turn it into a one-of-a-kind oasis. Pool surrounds, patios, retaining walls, pergolas, fireplaces, kitchens; you name it, we can create it!

Paradise in your own backyard is just a phone call away! To arrange a consultation with Salisbury, NY’s leading landscape designer, call 516-729-5668. At Scott Anderson Design, we look forward to turning your backyard into your own private sanctuary.

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