Last season, we topped ourselves with our largest pond installation. Now, with the is heating up, it was time to give it a proper seasonal opening. 20,000 gallons, 36 fish and 4 tons of gravel, need to be treated properly. We started our day establishing a proper holding container for the fish with their own water, which we later would us to help acclimate them to the newly added water. Once they were safe and secure, it was time to start draining the existing water so we could get in and power wash the walls, boulders, and gravel, removing most of the sediment and algae. Although algae is a natural substance, forming in lakes and ponds, it can actually cut down on oxygen levels, harming the fish, so it is important to help keep it under control.

While the pond is empty, it is important to check all the plumbing, skimmer box and filtration. During a typical season, it is common for these to collect debris and if not addressed, could lead for future problems down the road. Along with the maintaining the plumbing, we also made sure that the UV system was working properly and that the bulbs within the system we are functioning as they should.

With everything checked and maintained, we were ready to start filling the pond back up. Four garden hoses as well as backflowing the water in which we were storing the fish took around 3 hours.  We used that down time to work on the finished touches of the pond, replacing the plantings in and around the pond that needed to be moved or were disturbed during the cleaning. We also used the time to add moss to the existing rocks that may have died off. Adding the proper chemicals at this time is necessary to with bringing the proper biology back into this ecosystem. With all that done, it was time to send the fish back to their home and call it a day.

By doing these cleanings, we are keeping a happy, stable environment for your fish and maintaining your investment to make it last for a lifetime of enjoyment and pleasure. When you are ready to open your pond this season, don’t forget to reach out to our pond division at Scott Anderson Design to set a date!