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Backyard Designer In Woodsburgh

Extend Your Living Space with Backyard Landscape Design in Woodsburgh, NY

Your backyard is an extension of your home. It is generally more casual, fun, colorful and it can be functional as well. At least that is the vision we all have for our backyards. But when you choose professional backyard landscape design that can actually become a reality. Scott Anderson Design has been providing Nassau County with beautiful backyard landscape design for over 20 years. Scott can work with any budget to guarantee 100% satisfaction in transforming and extending the functionality of your backyard through experience and extensive knowledge of backyard landscape design in the Woodsburgh area.

Features You May Want in Your Backyard

When it comes to adding structures to a backyard, consulting a professional is going to save time and money in the long run. Some of these features may include:

  • BBQ Islands 
  • Simple Patio & Stairs
  • Complete Lighting
  • Seatwall & Fire Pit
  • English Gardens
  • Simple Privacy Planting
  • Stepping Stone Pathways
  • Rear Yard Complete Construction
  • Rear Yard Basic Construction
  • Rear Yard Basic Landscaping
  • Deluxe Masonry
  • Basic Masonry

Ways to Improve Your Backyard Landscape Design

Before you get started with your landscape design project there are some simple things you can do to get the area prepared.

  1. Clean Up Your Existing Outdoor Space

The first step is to clean up your outdoor areas so you can thoroughly take a look at the space. This will also help your backyard designer have an unobstructed view of the space to work in. Trim back any trees or bushes and perform any maintenance issues that have gone overlooked. Now you and your backyard landscape design team will have a clearer picture of your workable area. This is a simple way to improve your views and start getting some inspiration for how you can better use your space.

  1. Assess Your Patio Space

Do you have an existing patio or deck? If the answer is no, you may want to add this element to your landscaping project. A patio or deck can be a big undertaking to be constructed properly, one you want to leave to the professionals. Your backyard designer can be instrumental in incorporating this major element into the overall backyard design. If you have a current patio, is it large enough to meet your needs or is it in need of repair? This might determine if you would be better suited to remove it and start from scratch.

If it is your desire to do a lot of entertaining in the backyard space you want to make sure your patio or deck is sturdy and durable.

  1. Decide On a Focal Element

This is one of the elements that a backyard designer is essential for. Have you dreamed of having an outdoor kitchen? Perhaps a brick oven that sits beside a built-in BBQ? Where is the best placement for such a structure? How do you go about making that happen? Are there permits required? Hiring a professional for your backyard landscape design in Woodsburgh, NY like Scott is going to make the process more streamlined and enjoyable. This is where you get expertise and experience to make sure things go smoothly.

Maybe your idea of the perfect backyard is to have a themed garden with seating to enjoy the lazy summer days reading. Adding seating to an outdoor garden is a lovely space for entertaining. Your backyard designer can assess the sun/shade patterns to pick the perfect foliage as well as any structures that would enhance the theme you are going for. Maybe you want an English garden or a zen space. Backyard landscape design is all about fitting your personality into the function of your space.

Creating an outdoor living room is another way to utilize the yard as an extension of living space. Get your family and guests outside in the fresh air especially if you have a covered patio. By adding comfortable seating, proper foliage, and lighting. your backyard designer can truly extend the functional space of your home into the backyard.

  1. Fire Pits in Your Backyard Design

We all know how popular a nice fire pit is. The family breaks out the s’mores, or perhaps you are entertaining with wine and cheese on a cozy night. While you can buy a simple stand-alone fire pit, just imagine having one built into your backyard landscape design. Your backyard designer can expertly guide you on a preferred style, seating around it and foliage to bring it all together. Without their expert knowledge and experience, it could end up feeling a bit out of place and mismatched.

Hiring a professional backyard landscape designer is an investment worth making on such a critical project of extending that functional living space. It also increases the value of your home. Your Nassau County backyard designer Scott Anderson will make the process fun, efficient and stress-free. We want to discuss your vision for the perfect backyard, visit, or give us a call today 516-729-5668 to discuss your needs and start bringing more living outdoors.