A Cornerstone Waterfeature

This past December, we spoke with a client who had an area on her corner property that she just couldn’t decide what she had wanted to do with. After offering several ideas and sketches to her, she finally fell in love with this water feature  sketch we had put together for her. Come the end of February, the ground was soft enough to break and we were able to get started.

Being that she wanted a water feature on the corner, we decided to go with a design that had a two-stream split, that filled into a pondless rock vault before cycling back up to their original falls.  One request that she did have for the pond, was to have something that would run even in the cold winter months, so we included a 3-foot-deep rock vault, containing 170 gallons of moving water to prevent freeze over.

The right stream we had designed a bit wider, allowing room for a wading area where the water could splash and break giving the nice audible ambience, whereas the left stream came thru with a quicker flush to keep the water moving and to help with the natural filtration process.

With all the structural rocks in place, it was time to add accents to make this a truly one of a kind water feature, standing out above the rest. Moss rock walls built up the sides as well as having some break thru the ground, keeping the illusion that the pond had been there for a long time and mother nature had taken its course on it. Accent lighting both in and around the water to pinpoint the key features. And natural moss growing and adhering itself to the stones and driftwood to make this a pond that looks as if it had stepped straight out of the forest itself.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start off this season than with this duel pondless waterfall build. Not only is it a true work of art, it is also self-maintaining, and an investment that will pay for itself. If you like what you see, give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you!

-Scott A.