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Landscape Lighting

If you are looking for architectural or landscape lighting solutions, we are the best option for landscape lighting services. Quality Landscape lighting or Quality garden lighting refers to the use of outdoor illumination of private gardens and public landscapes. Accentuate the best parts of your property by enhancing architectural and landscaping features with our broad assortment of landscape lights. Deck Lighting is one of the fastest growing options for enhancing your outdoor living space. We have a wide variety of outdoor deck lighting styles. Our Landscape lighting professionals have been thoroughly trained to provide top notch Best Landscape Lighting Services in Long Island OR Best Garden Lighting Services in Long Island OR Best Outdoor Lighting Company in Long Island OR Best Deck Lighting Services in Long Island OR Best outdoor Lighting Installation in Long Island using only the highest quality materials in Long Island. You've pulled out all the stops to make your house and landscaping look first-rate. So why let that hard work disappears at nightfall when, with a flick of a switch and some strategically placed landscape lights, you can roll back the darkness and put it all on display? Done right, landscape lighting makes the best of what you've got by highlighting your home's architectural features and drawing attention to prized plantings and trees.

Landscape lighting can extend the use of outdoor space while providing safety, atmosphere, and space definition. Lighting can also accent areas of a landscape or create patterns and contrast.

Night-time use of a landscape requires good visibility. It is not essential to highly illuminate all areas, but highlight specific areas like steps, entry areas, and walkways to eliminate shadows and dark spots. Walkway lights can define the curve of a sidewalk or an abrupt corner. Lights around the perimeter of a landscape can define the area and create transitions from one area to another. A landscape can come alive in the evening hours with just a few lights in appropriate places. Specialty lights can create color accents and glows. Flowers may take on new hues, pools and fountains have a special glistening, and moon glow lights create a feeling of a moonlit landscape.

Dark and light contrasts and shadow patterns are much more interesting with night lighting. Lamp grids or shields can be used to make well-defined light patterns not possible in the daylight.
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